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The performance of ghost scenes was popular on the Greek stage in all periods. In The Persians there is a scene in which the chorus evokes the ghost of Darius and he rises up out of his tomb. Earlier in his career, Aeschylus wrote another play in which a ghost appears, Psychopompoi in which the ghost of the prophet Tireisias is raised by Odysseus.The picture below from the 490's may be inspired by that play. In The Oresteia, the chorus attempts to raise the spirit of Agamemnon in The Choephoroi. In the last play of the trilogy, the ghost of Clytaemnestra appears to the sleeping chorus of Furies, a scene depicted below. None of Sophocles' extant plays have ghosts. However, in Euripides' Hecuba, the ghost of Polydorus appears.

ghost of Clytaemnestra

ghost of Aeetes, in a costume appropriate for the ghost of Darius

ghost and chorus