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City Dionysia

Why? To honor the arrival of the god Dionysos in Athens


Why? To honor Dionysos in winter

Rural Dionysia

Why? To honor Dionysos at the time of harvest

Where? In the temple precinct of Dionysos on the south slope of the Acropolis



Where? Originally in the marketplace (the agora) .Later in the temple precinct of Dionysos on the south slope of the Acropolis.


Where? In the demes or suburbs of Athens, like Thorikos and Piraeus where theatres survive.


When? Every year in late February or early March


When? Every year in January

When? Every year in December



Day 1: procession of victims and participants. All performers in costume with the writer and the producer (choregos).

Day 2: competition of dithyramb

Days 3-5 competitions for tragedy and comedy. Each of three tragic playwright submits four plays on his day. Each of five comic writes submits one play



How? Comedy was the most important part of the festival competition. Tragedy did compete also.

Prizes: awards for best writer of tragedy, best tragic actor; best writer of comedy, best comic actor (4th Cent.B.C.)

What was the prize? in 6th Cent. B.C. the tragic playwright won a goat (tragos)


How? Less well known writers of comedy and tragedy and performers. An established playwright might offer experimental work