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Persian King's Costume: Darius would be costumed like most foreign characters regardless of ethnic origin. The distinctive costume consisted of a Phrygian cap. A Persian king would be dressed in embroidered ankle-length and long sleeved chiton. The tragic chitons had tightly fitted long sleeves by the end of the 5th Cent. B.C. A king of any type carried a tall scepter with a small eagle on top. Some details of Darius' splended costume are described by Aeschylus in the text of The Persians.

Xerxes:He appears in rags. What "rags" meant to a Greek audience is hard to tell.It was certainly a costume that did not suggest the dignity and stature appropriate to royalty.


Warrior/ Messenger Costume:The Persian archer could be costumed with bow and arrow. He may have warn the leggings and patterned dress of the Phrygian warrior. He certainly would wear a Phrygian cap and boots.If a warrior wore a chiton it would be knee-length.

Persian Elders' Costume:They would wear the Phrygian cap and long chitons with tight-fitting sleeves. They may have had staffs.

Persian Queen's Costume:Atossa would have the long, ankle-length chiton similar to that of Darius. She woould also wear the Phrygian cap and would look similar to Medea or Andromeda. When she changed to mourning, she would wear black with no ornaments.

The Persians (by another writer)