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Life: He was an older contemporary of Aeschylus. He is known to have won his first victory in 511 B.C.

He wrote two plays on contemporary events. The Phoenician Women and The Capture of Miletos. The later was about the Ionian Revolt. The Phoenician Women was produced by Themistocles who served as choregos in 478 B.C. It was the model for The Persians and like The Persians, told the story of the battle of Salamis.

The story of The Capture of Miletos:

The Athenians, on the other hand, showed themselves beyond measure afflicted at the fall of Miletus, in many ways expressing their sympathy, and especially by their treatment of Phrynichus. For when this poet brought out upon the stage his drama, The Capture of Miletus, the whole theatre burst into tears, and the people sentenced him to pay a fine of a thousand drachmas, for recalling to them their own misfortunes. They likewise made a law, that no one should ever again exhibit that piece.

Herodotus, The Persian Wars, VI, 21.


Themistocles, the choregos of The Phoenician Woman and admiral of the Greek fleet at Salamis